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  • Beach Chopper Bike
  • Beach Cruiser Bike

    Biking is always full of fun. Biking on a regular basis offers lots of sunshine, fresh air, safe to use and is a low impact exercise which can benefit people of all ages. If you are planning to spend quality time with your family, beach cruiser bike is a perfect option. Some individuals may get intimidated by gadget and gears, narrow seats, as well as skinny wheels, make biking uncomfortable for many bikers. However beach cruisers are a perfect alternative for all age groups, it comes with comfortable riding and simple operation features.

    Different bikes are coming up in the market these days, but beach cruiser bike stands out because of its smooth and comfortable ride. Enjoy a trip with your whole family, something that will cheer up every member. Specialized cruiser bikes come with wide tires that help in avoiding bumps giving comfortable ride over rough terrains. Take your mom, dad and grandma for a ride down the trail on beach cruiser bike. These bikes are favored by riders of all age group, all because of its upright posture, comfortable riding experience, and restful sitting chair. Enjoy your ride every time with these bikes.

    Compared to other bikes beach cruiser bike is easy to operate. There comes no hassle of gadget or gear; there are direct push brakes that make biking ease with any skill level. There comes single sprocket with cruise bikes which makes way for easy peddling. With these special bikes, you can climb hills with ease. Enjoy riding beach cruiser bikes on a frequent basis, something that will help your health and is safe to use. It is a perfect enjoyable activity for the whole family on weekends. Grab a bike today and go for a ride.

  • BMX Bike
  • classic chopper
  • Deluxe Beach cruiser
  • Deluxe Chopper Bike

    There are many biking enthusiasts, and it is one best way of spending quality time. Biking comes with a whole lot of benefits, and it is something that will rejuvenate you after a tiring day. Why collect big toys for the sake of displaying? Use chopper bike to enjoy biking to the fullest. In present day time, there are many new customized chopper bikes coming up on the market that gives you the chance to enjoy biking to a whole new level. Show the world your biking taste with customized chopper bikes.

    Having chopper bike in your garage gives the badge of uniqueness as well as creativity. Generally, mini chopper bikes are customized pocket bikes. There are many reliable manufacturers where you can order chopper bikes at ease. There are many affordably priced and stylish new models are coming up in the market, good enough to excite every biking enthusiast. When it comes to pocket bike models, China is known to be the hub. However off late Indian market is also catching up with regular as well as customized pocket bike models.

    Chopper bikes inclusion in the market is not that late; it was post World War II that biking enthusiasts started taking out different parts. Bikers modified their bikes in such a manner it looked different and suited their taste. Bikers chopped off parts that they felt were useless, bulky or ugly. Since then the name was given as "Chopper bike."  These bikes are mainly used for aesthetic purposes, but few serious racers do it for boosting the speed. Spotting chopper bikes are not that difficult, and in present day time, many enthusiasts are riding these bikes frequently.



  • fixie bike

    With time there are many new types and designs of bicycles coming up in the market; fixie bike is unique in various ways. Many bikers are looking down upon fixie bikes all because of its simplest nature and style. Many bikers will let you know about these specialized bikes that are best regarding maintenance and mechanism.  For beginners, it is really easy to learn to ride on this particular bike. However, it is suggested to take these bikes on normal or flat roads rather riding on a hilly or sloping terrain.

    Another specialty of fixie bike is that it comes with no proper gear making your ride easy and simple. The name ‘fixie' is given all because of the fact that these bikes don't have any fixed sprockets attached directly to its hub. The speed of these bikes depends mostly on the rider. More you pedal the fast you will get the chance to ride. Soon you stop pedaling the bike will stop. These simple and interesting facts make fixie bike appealing among people of all ages. This bike helps you to build leg muscles and is worth a buy.

    For individuals who love working out then fixie bikes are a perfect choice. It helps in boosting cardio, ideal alternative for brisk walking or jogging. The only thing you need to keep in mind while riding fixie bike is to prefer even surfaces; it will help in preventing leg strains due to excessive pedaling. If you are looking for a bike, fixie bike is ideal to ride when there is heavy traffic. Use protective gear and take appropriate lanes all the time. Hope this helps you in making a choice.

  • Krate Bike
  • Limo Bike
  • Lowrider Bikes

    you can call us to customize any Lowrider Bike the way you like.

    The craze and popularity of lowrider bike is known to all, and at present, there are hundreds of such models available in the market. Lowrider bikes are in the market since 1960, and there are many names given too. The most commonly used names are cruisers, pimp bikes, dragsters and many more. As the name suggests, these bikes have a body very low to the ground, and it holds a curved banana seat. Some models come with sissy bar and apehanger handlebars.

    The first company that came up with this concept of lowrider bike was Schwinn, and they named it Sting Ray. Over the years there were several modifications, and now there are different variants and models of this bike available in the market. It was after its appearance on the popular cult classic sitcom that it popularity raised and were recognized on a global scale. But soon its popularity was overshadowed with different new bikes in coming days' time. However, again in the year, 1970 lowrider bike became popular when Mexican kids started customizing their bikes to lowriders. Different bike manufacturers noticed this trend and started coming up with various new models and designs.

    Over the years many modifications and changes were seen coming up with traditional lowrider bike. One popular variation was lowrider tricycle, and it was popular among many users. There were also other options such as putting storage rack in-between two wheels, installing boom box and much more. There were numerous options for customizing it, twisted metals were added to spokes, a sissy bar installed, there were many decorative metal tanks added and so on. There were bikes with different paints and customized wheels to gibe lowrider bike with uniqueness.




    Off late, there are many new ranges and designs of mountain bikes coming up in the market, an ideal choice for many biking enthusiasts. There are many features of mountain bike which make it completely different from traditional bikes in the market. The main purpose or aim of this bike is to help you ride any bumpy or uneven area at ease. These bikes are designed for worst of road conditions, and it comes with fat knobby tires which assist in absorbing the shock. With most modern day mountain bike it is becoming common to get full front as well as rear suspension.

    In present day time, many mountain bike brands are coming up giving bikers the chance to buy the best model within affordable price range. However, there are quite a few important things to consider when you buy mountain bikes. The most important thing is the purpose, or for what reason, you are buying it. As the name implies, this range of bikes are meant for tough and worst riding conditions. If you love riding in rocky and ruffed mountain terrain, a mountain bike is a perfect choice.

    Many biking enthusiasts prefer mountain bike for trails and unpaved roads. It is definitely not like traditional bikes, and this is what makes it so different. While buying this bike make sure you pay special attention to bike's tires, bike's saddle and bike's forks. Seeing the craze and popularity, many new mountain bike models are coming up in the market these days, finding the best one matching your need is not that tough. Get your own mountain biking machine for a whole new experience.


  • stretch bike

    With time there are many new trendy and stylish bikes coming up in the market, stretch bikes are one such that gives you a whole new feel while riding the bike. For people who are interested in getting the best, stretch cruisers are worth a buy. The specialty of this bike is its elongated shape which gives every user the opportunity to stretch his or her body while riding. These bikes are grand in its look, comes in attractive new colors and designs. The basic feature of stretching while you ride makes it name so. Isn't it interesting!

    If you are someone looking for a pleasant trip with your loved one, a stretch bike is a perfect choice. Go for long drives with your partner and enjoy the ride every moment. The distance of two wheels in this bike is much more in comparison to ordinary bikes. With these special and unique stretcher bikes, you can gain greater momentum and ride faster than usual bikes. For younger people, stretcher bikes are quite popular and of great interest. If you are staying in urban areas it is definitely worth a buy, ride on empty roads and feel every bit of your pleasant trip.   

    With a stretch bike you get firm grip, something that helps in giving maximum support while driving the bike. There are hand brakes which can be used anytime, easy to stop the bike instantly.  Because of its uniqueness and stylish design stretcher bikes are bit expensive when compared to other bikes. Initially, there may be issues riding the bike, but with time you can drive the bike freely. There are many new designs and ranges of stretcher bikes coming up on the market, select the one best matching your need and budget.

  • Tandem Bike

    With time there are many new variants and designs of tandem bike coming up in the market; people of all ages are opting it. These bikes are mostly known to have two seats, but there are also few models with three seats too. Many cyclists or individuals prefer tandem bike over traditional solo bikes. It is an ideal choice for couples; they get the chance to ride together. These particular bikes are also an excellent choice for people with disabilities. It is undoubtedly a fun way of spending time with your loved ones, something that helps in building trust and gives a pleasant experience.

    There are kids or young cyclists who are incapable of handling traffic or unaware of road limitations; tandem bike helps then experience these aspects alongside experienced members. This particular bike helps a kid to get full-fledged benefit of cycling and learn important things about family activities. The feel of riding on this bike is completely different. These bikes are considerably heavy and come with a longer wheelbase. It is important to practice biking with tandem bikes on a quiet street to avoid any accident. Because of its weight and size, it is important to practice stopping and swinging around turns.

    Seeing the popularity and craze, there are many new ranges of tandem bikes coming up on the market.  Riding on this bike with a mate, friend or kids is an amazing experience. It helps you to bond with your fellow tandem partner. Bring home this all new and stylish range of tandem bike which helps you get physical as well emotional benefits. Give it a thought and enjoy your ride with these bikes.  

  • Trike bike

    Time is changing, and with that, there are various new ranges of bikes coming up on the market. There are many new variants of trike bike available in the market these days. With growing prices of gasoline and awareness of global warming, the craze for trike bike is increasing. People chose to leave their car or two wheelers at home and prefer bikes for short trips. There are many individuals or enthusiasts around the world prefer going out in electric bicycle and the past few years its sale increased rapidly. This is undoubtedly one good option as it offers a mixture of motoring as well as pedaling.

    What's more exciting about trike bike is that there is an added wheel which helps in providing the much-needed stability when standing still. This feature makes it easy to control. Trike bikes are coming up in the market with trailer, basket or even baby seat added which makes it far more exciting. Highest speed achieved with this bike is around 25 mph. So, if you are planning to buy a bike, this new range of electric trike bikes are worth a buy. Many stores are coming up in the market where you can these bikes at best possible rate.

    Seeing the demand and craze amongst bikers about this trike bike many new models are coming up in the market. There are few options to consider when you are buying an electric trike. Stability of the bike is very good when you are going straight or in a standstill position. The range of trikes depend mostly on the speed, make sure you select a model that is within your price range.


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Showing 1 - 138 of 138 items