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26" Limo Bike

26" Limo stretch Bike

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26" Limo Bike

Limo Bicycle, 26" Original Limos Stretch Frame, Limos Name Plate, 26" 144 Spoke Front Wheels Chrome, 26" 144 Spoke Rear Wheels Coaster Brake Chrome, Tires 26" x 2.125" Black Flame, Tubes 26" x 2.25" American Valve, Rims Strip 26" x 2.25", Saddle Black Flame, Grips Dots Black Chrome Skull, Limos 26" Classic Spring Fork Chrome, Flared Fender Set Chrome, Pedal 1/2" Black/Chrome, Moon Handlebar 25.4 Chrome, Sprocket 44T Chrome, Limos One Piece Crank 6 1/2" Chrome, Chain Guard Black, Js-100 Stem 22.2mm Chrome, kickstand Chrome, Head Set 22.2x32.5x27mm Chrome, Bottom Bracket Set 5/16x9 24t Chrome, Clear Front Reflector, Red Rear Reflector, Spoke Reflector, Seat Post 25.4mm Chrome, Seat Post Clamp 1 1/8" Chrome, Chain 1/2x1/8x112 Chrome



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